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Serving Australia for 61 years and counting...

Andy Senior and Andy Junior on site in 1975

The AJ Lucas brand was established by the Lukas family when Andy Lukas Senior registered AJ Lucas Constructions Pty Ltd on 17 April 1958. He anglicised the spelling to make it easy for customers, an early example of how Lucas focuses on good customer outcomes.

The earliest work included providing water and waste water reticulation for the new suburbs of Sydney and regional towns, partnering with the major developer Lend Lease. Today the Lucas brand has a rich history of projects across Australia and through Asia Pacific including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Andy Lukas Junior joined the business in 1975 and the company began delivering high pressure natural gas pipelines. He pioneered the use of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for the installation of pipelines efficiently, safely and with environmental sensitivity. This skill-set was then applied to the development of surface-to-inseam (SIS) drilling for degassing coal mines which was as world wide innovation and remains the leading method of coal degassification globally.

An early high pressure gas pipelines for Bridge Oil

Today, the Lukas family is no longer affiliated with the listed AJ Lucas Group which grew from it and AJ Lucas Constructions (Lucas) is now prosecuting an independent specialist drilling and technical engineering services business. We provide drilling and civil engineering services with a team led by an industry leader with more than a 40-year track record. Supported by long-serving senior executives across relevant industries, Lucas is well-placed to continue delivering great outcomes for customers going forward.

Applications for Lucas services include power, water and gas infrastructure, particularly applying drilling methodologies that reduce civil infrastructure costs in the production of coal seam gas.

The best years are yet to come.


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