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Energy & Infrastructure

We've been delivering specialised energy and infrastructure for over 60 years. 

Beginning by serving the water industry in the 1950's, today we provide integrated energy and infrastructure, primarily to the oil and gas industry.

Our expertise includes:

  • Production Drilling
    Conventional Oil and Gas
    Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
    Other Unconventional Gas
    Directional Drilling


  • Surface Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Oil, Gas, Petroleum Products, Water and Wastewater

  • Secondary Recovery 
    Oil and gas assets
    In-field drilling
    End of life assets


  • Well and Field rehabilitation
    Plug and Abandon
    Sustainable land repurposing


  • Sustainability
    Energy Efficiency and Renewables
    Pumped Hydro and Energy Storage


Foremost Explorer III

  • 2009 Manufacture

  • Has been previously deployed for Santos, AGL

  • Fast moving - rigs up and down, and handles drill pipe quickly saving drilling costs

  • Can drill holes to 1,500 metres horizontal step out

  • Ideal for drilling surface-in-seam (SIS), high-angle-sump-horizontals (HASH), and multi-laterals wells

  • 130,000 lbs capacity

Innovation and Technology

We have a long history of innovation and working in partnership with many of our customers through:

  • Innovation: we seek out and initiate innovations. Continuing innovation makes projects cheaper and better. We have a long history of successful innovations with beneficial impacts on our sectors

  • Value engineering used to demonstrate the value of the innovations and alternatives before decisions are locked in place as shown on the accompanying graphic – for gas projects, cost in $/GJ is the important metric, not rig hire rates.

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewables: together with our partner Smart Energy Services (www.smartesco.com), we provide energy efficiency, renewables and sustainable services to commercial and industrial customers.

  • Financial Engineering: we have experience in using financing and innovative financial products such as power purchase agreements (PPAs) to assist our customers overcome the hurdles of capital expenditure.


Success Stories

With innovating thinking and determination, our principals have played leading roles in:

  • Successful investment into coal seam gas developments in Queensland and NSW

  • Investment into the developing Bowland shale gas project in the UK

  • Establishment of a major coal drilling business and initiation of its surface to in seam coal methane drainage technology

  • introduction of horizontal directional drilling into Australia with projects in NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, mainland China

  • Innovations in drilling HDD to grade for sewers in Sydney region

  • Innovations in high pressure gas pipelines and gathering system construction in Surat Basin of Queensland with Zap-lok


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